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East County Hall of Justice

150,000 SF courthouse | 45,000 SF County Building houses Public Defenders, District Attorney, Probation Dept. | 13 Courtrooms | Completed in 2017

DUBLIN, CALIFORNIA, USA  Alameda County has a proud new architectural civic symbol—the East County Hall of Justice—a new 150,000 SF five-story facility, sharing the site with a new 45,000 SF two-story county building, both designed and planned by KMD. This new Courts and County facility provides a dignified civic identity. The five-story gleaming glass and metal facade, oriented in the solar optimal east-west direction yet shaded from undue solar gain introduces a strong presence, reflecting the dignity and stability of the Court system, its accessibility and transparency. KMD completed Bridging Documents and provided design oversight during construction with Fentress Architects.

LEED Silver