KMD embraces Kavinder Singh as a key member of our senior leadership in the role of President. Although an architect by training, Singh has spent the majority of his 31 year tenure on the construction side of the building industry, most recently as part of Turner Construction Company’s leadership team in the Bay Area. There he developed robust business acumen as well as built invaluable relationships in the community. Kavinder is known to lead, embrace and implement change by taking visible leadership, coaching and deploying his expertise and engaging in regular follow-up. He effectively launches projects through milestone planning, procurement planning and resource allocation. 

We sat down with Kavinder for a candid Q&A and here’s what we learned:

What inspired you to take a diversion from construction to architecture?

Kavinder: The pace of change in the design and construction industry in the past five years far exceeds the change in the 50 years preceding. The pace has been set by the San Francisco Bay Area technology industry and the clients’ desire to see results faster and faster, forcing unprecedented levels of collaboration between and among contractors, architects and trade partners. I have experienced and contributed to this change with enthusiasm from the contractor side, and now my curiosity has compelled me to experience the change from the design side. I am inspired to provide leadership and insight into innovating the most cohesive and effective project delivery methodologies. And, of course, the fact that I graduated from architecture school certainly pulled me back to my roots.

Why KMD?

Kavinder: During my long career in construction here in the Bay Area, I have had the pleasure of working with many great design firms and made some good friends. As I began to explore options for the next step in my career, I conversed with Ryan Stevens for about a year and got to know KMD from the inside. KMD has the energy and the attitude of a startup: not a lot of red tape, everyone knows everyone, everything goes, and a sense of pride in an immediate responsiveness to clients. After more than a couple of decades with a large corporation, I was looking for something different. So here I am at KMD.

What do you hope to achieve at KMD?

Kavinder: I hope to contribute to the growth of KMD by crafting our services to fit the ever-changing times, continue to bridge the divide between design and construction and be a mentor to the next generation leadership. I hope to finish my career here and be a part of something great.

Favorite book and a movie?

Kavinder:  My favorite book is Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand and I have three favorite movies: The Godfather trilogy.