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K. K. Nakazato Headquarters

TOKYO, JAPAN  The Nakazato Corporate Headquarters building occupies a prime site along a canal in the Shibaura District of Tokyo. Historically, this area was prosperous during the days of sailing ships. In the design of the building it was important to the client to create a building of significance which was reminiscent of the area’s history. This three-sided landmark houses corporate offices, a circular second-floor showroom, cafeteria, and a top-floor executive office with a balcony and panoramic views of the harbor. 

At the ground level, a ramp leads to the main entrance, showroom and cafeteria. Ramping to this entry provides a separation of the building from the street, suggesting a canal that one crosses to enter the building. While floors one through six contain offices, the top floor is a large showroom, providing views of the harbor. The curving sail curtain wall extends beyond the roof to extend the unfurled sail image and provide a skyline signature for
the building. 

Japan Federation of Architects Award Winner
Design Citation from Progressive Architecture