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In the Lap of Therapy

Interiors and Sources

Tasked with building a facility for a totally new paradigm of health care delivery, San Francisco’s KMD Architects draw inspiration from the world of high-end hospitality for Seoul’s luxurious, futuristic Chaum Center.

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Well Being

Hospitality Design

After designing the Cha Women and Children’s Hospitality for client Dr. Kwang Yul Cha, KMD Architects was enlisted again, but this time, to create a facility with a new take on healthcare in Seoul’s Cheongdam-dong neighborhood. “The inspiration was the concept of ‘journey’ – both physical and metaphorical, along which exploration, discovery, action, and respite can be found,” says Ryan Stevens, principal and design director at KMD of the new Chaum Anti-Aging life Center.

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Designing to Heal: Luxury Healthcare

Where can one find world class doctors, highly customized medical plans, a five star spa, health club, and restaurant? The Chaum Center, in Seoul, Korea, designed by KMD architects, combines all these things in an attempt to transform health care.

Housed in a futuristic building with lavish amenities and design elements, the Chaum Center is certainly a far cry from your average drab hospital building. KMD’’s intention: to create an inspiring space that fosters relaxation. Here, futuristic elements, like the examination pods mimicking cell structures, continuous walls that snake through the interior, as well as the use of sleek materials, create a luxurious aesthetic.

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KMD Architects Designs The Chaum Center in Seoul, Korea

Where Luxury Meets Healthcare for the Ultimate Personalized Medical Experience

San Francisco, Calif. – KMD Architects, known for its work in both healthcare and hospitality design, merged these two areas of expertise when it transformed 400,000 square feet of existing retail space in Seoul, Korea into The Chaum Center. Commissioned by world-renowned antiaging expert and founder of CHA Health Systems, Dr. Kwang Yul Cha, The Chaum Center is an entirely new model of integrative medicine and personalized health care within a setting that feels far more like a five-star resort than a medical facility.

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