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Visions for Market Street

Inspired by the City of San Francisco’s “Better Market Street” project, KMD has started a conversation about the entire Market Street Corridor…

Can we create a plan for Market Street that speaks to San Francisco like Las Ramblas speaks to Barcelona?

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San Francisco Civic Center Masterplan Study

Our appreciation of the cultural context and the unique demands of society and the city of San Francisco has shaped and driven our work presented here-in. Research contributes ideas and reinforces the philosophy of innovation, but our convictions are grounded in the fundamental belief that great civic places are less a matter of style than of discovery – discovering ways of connecting function and context, history and the future in a way that creates something grand and strengthening, a unique sense of place which in turn inspires.

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Master Planing Expertise


KMD is one of the few architectural firms in the country practicing urban design and master planning as a serious discipline rather than as an adjunct to its architectural practice.  Our projects range from large-scale residential master plans to urban design in historically sensitive districts.  We have developed master plans for hospitals, city centers, resorts, corporate facilities, and airport redevelopment.

KMD is effective at managing the involvement of diverse public and private interest groups, and applying the firm’s architecture and “real building” experience to the planning process.  Having worked with design guidelines around the world, KMD is familiar with their impact on the aesthetic quality and economic feasibility of individual developments. It is the sensitivity brought about by both promulgating plans and guidelines, and designing in the context of those same guidelines and market realities, which distinguishes the quality of KMD’s work.

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Why it is important to build sustainably

Buildings account for 1/6 of the world’s freshwater withdrawals, 1/4 of its wood harvest and 2/5 of its material and energy flows. (Sustainable Construction in the USA).  20 to 25 percent of the total carbon emissions driving climate change come from the burning and razing of forests. This is more than the combined emissions of all the world’s cars, trucks, trains, and planes. (Hot Flat and Crowded.)

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LEED Certified Projects

Our project team’s design strategy is an integrated approach that includes the engineering team, other design professionals, and the project stakeholders.  This approach starts at the offset of the project with consideration of all aspects from environmental impact assessment, site remediation, program development, transportation strategy and design.  By integrating all the disciplines during the design process, issues and options can be considered that best match stakeholder priorities with minimal environmental impact.
The KMD Team has expertise in an array of services including energy efficient infrastructure development, building systems engineering, low enery design, waster management, facade engineering, water conservation, materials technology, environmental design, and transportation planning.
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