TOLUCA, MEXICO  A light industry warehouse in the State of Mexico was the space used for Shasa's offices. The client's goal was to reflect the spirit of Shasa's brand: bold and sassy women's wear. The access to the building was designed as a catwalk with an abundance of red that represents passion for fashion and passion for work. The backbone of the project is a great wall that connects open spaces such as meeting points and private areas. This wall also serves as a mural that makes a statement about the brand's philosophy. A tree along the wall creates a focal point as well as a pleasing and natural element.

Scattered in different areas are what we call casual collision meeting points that promote spontaneous and informal gatherings that reflect the dynamism of the company which is all about continuous movement. The overall ambience is punctuated with powerful and blunt images that are connected to architecture that thrives to make an impact on every day users. Another element that makes a statement is a mural that is subtle in essence but powerful in form. Recycling was also a big part of the general design; many elements throughout this space were composed with thread reels and reclaimed cardboard tubes.

Architectural Record's Icon Awards 2009, Corporate Interiors