Interior Design | Creative Office | 500 m2 | 2017

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO  Expanscience offices interior design was inspired by Biophilia, the theory that the application of natural elements can reduce stress, enhance creativity and clarity of thought, improve well-being and expedite healing. We wanted to create an office with natural lighting, open spaces and materials that can be found in both urban and natural environments such as wood and cement. All of this was done to bring the outside atmosphere in.

The outdoorsy look and feel was created to reconnect people to their natural self and to connect them to each other in a more comfortable and organic way, enhancing creativity and communication between all users. Green was applied generously; planters were added, ecofriendly and recycled materials and finishes were placed, and nature inspired colors and textures were also used in many different areas.

The space also serves as a showroom for their products, including their internationally recognized Mustella line for babies. The branding on the graphics and the exhibition of products were intended to be a “community building” element for the employees so that they could feel proud for the company they are a part of.