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Chaum Wellness Center & Spa

200,000 SF | Ambulatory Healthcare | Diagnostic Services | Fitness Center | Gene Therapy | Genome Research | 2010

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA  This 200,000 SF Wellness Center and Spa is located within an existing 700,000 SF mixed-use building and designed as a futuristic vision of technology in harmony with nature. Rather than the confined spaces of a doctor’s office or hospital, the Chaum Wellness Center radiates an open, flowing design concept that complements its forward-thinking approach. Its multi-floor layout includes welcoming concierge desks evocative of hip international hotels, distinctively designed therapy settings and expansive lounges instead of cramped waiting rooms. Initial exams are performed in a single, translucent room, or “pod” wherein all portable medical equipment and staff come to the patient, providing an efficient, private and comfortable experience and introduction to the Center. 

KMD Architects provided programming and design services (in association with DMP), and was instrumental in creating the partnership between Dr. Cha and the Buck Institute of Marin County, California, who are world renowned for their research on aging.