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Sun Microsystems Campus

NEWARK, CALIFORNIA, USA  Sun Microsystems commissioned KMD to master plan and create a new campus to meet its ever-expanding growth and development needs. KMD master planned the Phase II and Phase III Newark Campus. Phase II contained 5 office buildings, a manufacturing center, and amenities  building containing a cafeteria, conference, and health facility.  KMD provided design services for the low-rise office buildings, which range from 80,000–140,000 SF. The first phase project construction cost $84 million and the first three buildings were completed in only eleven months. Upon the completion of Phase II, KMD was retained to design Phase III directly across an arterial street.

Sun Microsystems was acquired by Oracle in 2010. The campus is now owned by Biomed Realty and operated as a multi-tenant research campus and renamed Pacific Research Center.

Award of Excellence, Grand Award
Facility of the Year, Facilities Design & Management