Cha Bio Complex

PANGYO TECHNO VALLEY, SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA  The 605,000 SF (56,000 m²) Cha Medical Group laboratory building in Pangyo, Korea collocates a range of functional programs within a single facility, creating a unique and collaborative environment for combining academia, clinical research and business development. KMD directed design and planning for the project in collaboration with Research Facilities Design, laboratory planning consultants, and local architects Designcamp Moon Park.

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Public Utilities Commision Headquarters at 525 Golden Gate

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA  This project is a test-bed for new technologies which will invigorate the public realm. A Living Machine® recycles blackwater, in addition to other systems that harvest and recycle greywater, photovoltaics and wind turbines. Advanced technology makes daylight management a science thanks to facade-specific, timebased interior window shades, and exterior blinds that respond to the sun. The building generates over 7% of its own energy through photovoltaics, wind turbines and reduction of energy needs through enhanced envelope and mechanical systems design making the PUC building one of the most sustainable urban office buildings in North America.