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West County Reentry Treatment & Housing Facility

110,000 GSF | 10,000 GSF Visitor Connector | 352 Beds | $82M est. | Designed to LEED Silver | Design-Build | 2021 est.

RICHMOND, CALIFORNIA, USA  This housing addition is being designed as a local detention facility used for persons pending arraignment, during trial, and upon a sentence of commitment to the county jail. The project includes high security housing with double-occupancy cells, mental healthcare facility, and educational and vocational program facilities, as well as supporting outpatient medical, recreational and minor administrative facilities. KMD provided functional and architectural programming, analysis of the existing site and facility conditions, evaluation of inmate needs and programs, evaluation and review of existing mental health and other inmate programs, staffing analysis and plan, conceptual design, and operational and capital cost estimates. We are currently completing Bridging Documents with 50% Design Development.