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King Faisal University Medical Colleges Complex

New Medical University Campus | Masterplan | Design Development | 1.5 million SF

AL AHSA, KSA  This is a new medical education center for the University on a new Medical City campus. The complex comprises four separate colleges, the College of Dentistry (with 300 training clinics), the College of Applied Medical Sciences (includes Nursing, Anesthesiology, Laboratory Sciences, Respiratory Therapy and Public
Health), the College of Clinical Pharmacy and the College of Medicine. 

The buildings of the campus are shaped to steer the wind through the spaces between the buildings with the goal of cooling the spaces and the facades of the buildings. To maintain a lower rise vocabulary conducive to the movement of the wind, the shared lab building program has been split into two shorter buildings. The space between the two Lab buildings has been used to create a women’s only plaza focused on collaborative interactions. Forming a spine down the center of the campus with the classroom and lab buildings on each side is a curving and undulating structure housing the shared campus amenities, such as shared dining facilities, central library and student activity spaces including a gymnasium. The curving spine building roof starts at the northwest over the large, shared auditorium and terminates at the southeast part of the campus where it wraps up and onto the Dental Building, more firmly linking the Dental Building with the rest of the campus. For the King Faisal University with Dar Al-Omran.