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Zappos Headquarters 

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, USA  In 2010, Zappos, one of today’s most successful, progressive and forward thinking companies, signed a deal to lease the existing Las Vegas City Hall and surrounding 17 acres. Relocating from suburban Henderson, Nevada, the move not only allowed the startup room to grow in an urban environment, but will also result in 1,000 new jobs in the downtown Las Vegas area. From the perspective of Las Vegas, the new corporate campus represents a new phase of the city, diversifying the economy beyond gaming, and invigorating downtown.

KMD partnered with Zappos to design the renovations of the 295,000 SF corporate headquarters. Originally built in the 1970s, KMD’s major infrastructure improvements and complete redesign of the interiors of the City Hall allow for occupancy to increase from 600 to 2,000. The building and location change represents a large shift for the Zappos staff. In a company where culture is paramount to the overall success, great care has been taken in researching employee needs, personalities and values to ensure that the design reflects what Zappos is all about.

“We had these world-famous architects and we had to boot them,” says Brad Tomm, Zappos sustainability manager, declining to name the firm. “They just wanted to design for design sake; they wouldn’t listen to our needs, they wouldn’t try to understand who we are.” The firm never made it past the renderings phase. (Instead, KMD Architects won the work.) The result: what Tomm calls “a functional, efficient, high-performance” space.  - BIFMA & IIDA Design Report

Certified LEED Gold
Ranked among The World's Five Most Impressive Offices by BloombergTV, 2014
Outstanding Building of the Year, Nevada Building Owners & Managers Association

Fortune Magazine's list of "25 Coolest Offices" 2015